MDR Entertainment

Many young companies make the mistake of not investing the appropriate time to strategically designing a logo that will work for multiple applications. They get by because the logo looks fine online. Then, when the company takes off and they’re ready to print the logo on various products, it does not work at all. But what do you do when you have a well-established organization but a brand that you’ve outgrown? Time for a refresh!

MDR Entertainment was ready for a new take on its logo, but wanted to maintain the existing structure – the brand was already recognized in the industry.

The existing logo was not suited for a range of uses. No accurate embroidery. No watermarks. No single-color applications. No flexibility.

In contrast, the logo refresh we built for MDR Entertainment allows for extremely high detail when desired, but also an absolute lack of detail where it’s required. Colors can be easily swapped when necessary and black/white options are now possible. No background is off limits!

The logo pack delivered gives multiple files as well as specific details and a branding guide specifying when to use which file.

Logos should be easy. But to be easy, they have to be well-thought-out and well-built.